EDH's mission embraces three core principles: enhancing energy market transparency, facilitating regulatory compliance, and lowering risk management/risk capital costs.

Direct assistance

We can provide high quality information on prices and volumes in energy trading markets.

Indirect assistance

We can help participants more efficiently use existing or newly developing industry services enabling improved risk management.

Third Party enablement

In many cases, EDH's facilitation of third party services may prove even more valuable than its direct services and represents a proposition the EDH has fully embraced.

Enhanced energy transparency

We can offer additional sources on pricing including locational volume and volatility metrics that are simply not readily available in today's energy market.

Risk capital

We can provide services to validate market pricing and volume metrics feeding mark-to-market, value at risk (VaR), and trading liquidity assessments.

Risk Management

We can support risk-based trade clearing processes reducing the risk capital required for energy trading.